Marquette Mountain Bike Enduro Event Info:

When and Where:

September 29, 2013

10am - 2pm

The Marquette Mountain Bike Enduro will take place at Marquette South Trails Singletrack on several selected (mostly) down hill trails. Scroll down to see the official course.

Awards will be at 3pm at OreDock brewery (upstairs).


The Marquette Mountain Bike Enduro will consist of three timed stages of varying length and trail design. Fastest composite of all three times wins. Trail segments not part of the specified stages are NOT timed. Racers must use the same bike on all stages and for riding from stage to stage. Stages may be ridden in any order the racer chooses. All stages must be completed within the allowed time frame.

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The Course:

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Stage: Your Mom to Smiley to Porcupine Pass

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Pedal up the Benson, follow Red trail to Your Mom. Ride Your Mom for about a half mile until you reach the large rock outcrop and begin racing!! Make it through the technical rocky single track then rejoin green (Smiley) trail pedal your brains through Porcupine Pass and about 2.5 miles later you will reach the Benson road and your stage is done!

Stage: Full Dogger Flow Trail

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Pedal up Benson. The start is off to the left at the top of the climb. The Dogger Flow trail is jam-packed with berms, rollers, and table-tops that flow all the way to the Carp river. The stage ends before going under the Carp river bridge.

Stage: Southern Cross to Doctor's

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Climb up to the top of Mt. Marquette. The Course starts on Southern Cross near the upper lot (opposite the lookout). After a bit of fast descending, Southern Cross merges into Doctor's trail. Take Doctors down to where it splits and hang a right toward the the finish in the fisherman's parking lot.